Working area TKI: central theme Consumer & Society

Consumer-driven chains

The development of consumer-driven chains that will develop, produce and market healthy, sustainable products in an innovative and efficient manner is paramount in this central theme. This will contribute to general social welfare and to an economically strong chain. The focus is on the consumer who is capable of making choices and opts for a healthy diet and a healthy lifestyle.

More specifically, the central theme aims at the following:

  • The consumer who is capable of making choices: personalised dietary recommendations, food and concept development for the general population and target groups, buying behaviour and preparation (product and recipe);
  • Providing for a supply of healthy, safe and sustainable products; developing consumer-driven chains with particular attention for retail, food service and the care sector, new revenue models for the agri and food sector;
  • Social acceptability and consumer confidence: citizens committed to the food production systems, education, increase confidence in and image of the agri and food sector, transparency in the chain.


The current activities include 20 actual PPS projects and programmes that were on the previous agenda of the roadmaps Consumer and Chain and Food and Health. Besides, there are general activities focusing on increasing knowledge of the agri and food sector and its products as well as on the connection with society.  Examples of this are the Dutch AgriFood Week and the programme Jong leren eten [learning to eat at a young age].

In the coming years, we specifically aim for a hands-on programme for consumer research together with the retail and food service sectors as well as a fundamental programme “Transitions and human dimensions/ Healthy lifestyle innovations” together with the Top Sectors Creative, Energy, Life Sciences & Health and Horticulture & Starting Materials.


In the project overview (Dutch, desktop version), you will find all knowledge and innovation projects that are part of the central theme Consumer & Society.


In the project overview (Dutch), you will find all knowledge and innovation projects that are part of the central theme Consumer & Society.

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